Here is an alphabetical list of all people who work on UDO.

Name Area Formats Contact
Bhabuta, Denesh Support in U.K. (until 2001)
Clauss, Alexander created and maintained the version for HP UX 300/400 (until 2001)
Dunkel, Ulf UDO Webmaster since 2008/07 and UDO developer / Website
Hagedorn, Dirk UDO founder (active until 2001)
Hanz, Norbert UDO developer (since 2002) and Wishlist keeper / Website
Haun, Dirk one of the UDO fathers
Janzen, Volker UDO developer and webmaster until 2008/06 / Website
Jerchel, Patrick Mailing list manager (until 1999)
Klasen, Peter First registered UDO user
Kretschmer, Ulrich Documentation maintenance (since end of 2003)
Krüger, Christian Created the PostScript binding in UDO
Loos, Martin Maintenance of the old mailing list (until ca. 1999)
Osieka, Martin Porting to Mac OS (until ca. 1999)
Otto, Thorsten Documentation maintenance (2001)
Stoll, Gerhard UDO developer (since 2003) / Website
Thomason, Rainer Support in Sweden (until ca. 2001)

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